• Is it possible to talk with you? You would had Researched it well.

    Vinod, Friend
  • You are known for different things, you have made a name out of it. Early days, people were talking the same.

    Shadab, Colleague
  • “Aw! He is involved in everything (wide variety).”

    Roshan, Colleague & Friend (on knowing my activism and more)
  • If you have invented it, then you can well use it. (on workaround for company operations)

    Amit, Asst. Manager
  • He’s talented and intelligent.

    A Professor, to a classmate
  • How much work you give to you head? (On workarounds)

    Vikas, Collegue
  • You think a lot. It is so vague you think to that very extent.

    Ram, Acquaint
  • For the first time in the history, have i given the position to a new-joinee.

    Saurabh, Employer
  • He has to be different, only then can i remember him throughout.

    Prasad, Professor
  • Only person you can make you understand to your extent is Vittal Kiran 2.

    A Classmate
  • I’m very much confident about your future.

    Arpan, Friend & Lecturer
  • You are so inquisitive, may be you’ll become a scientist one day.

    Biology Teacher

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