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Tell me to write a few lines, and i will end up writing Rhymes.

I’m into many things, except Gyming for which i dont have time.  You can never see me idle, unless I’m sleeping. I write poems, which were once published in papers. I collect coins, and i have some with words that we talk on it. Stamps, tattoos etc., were also the ones in my school days. Apart from these, i do like watching good movies, classic old songs, watching tennis, debating with friends and meeting new people. Not to forget, i also like gossiping.


If you asked this some years ago, i would had said Text Books because that was what people used to ask me for. Things changed and the type of books that i can recommend are of great range. Some books,  are here:

– Man who knew Infinity, Robert Kanigel

– The Polyester Prince, Hamish McDonald

– Please Mom It’s my Life, Jaideep Chadhaa


  1. hey vittal im quite impressed by seeing ur profile and web site .contact me 9900175414

    • admin

      October 27, 2015 at 8:52 am

      Thank you for another prank attempt. Prankster Shaheed. Don’t know how many times you’ve tried to prank me.

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