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Looking for a right guy for a business partnership?
I have great contacts, and have the ability to understand latest developments in the industry.

While, i am also looking for opportunities as a Engineer. I have done research in my previous workplaces, and have done things which many would not.  I have a good knack in Electronics and good skills in designing the Circuits. I can be a good asset for the company in Scholastic,Technical & General Writing, and am doing the same as free lancer.
Right Now, i am in Railway Industry, and also a Part Time consultant for various Companies, with Pan-India operations. If you find this information useful, you may contact me:

My Interests: Railways Application & Verification, Hardware Research & Design, Embedded Systems, Data Analytics, Talent Acquisition.
Skills: HTML, Comp. Operating Skills, Managerial, Content Writing, Networking.
Platforms: DOS, Windows, Linux.

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  1. i want to go any core company.i completed me embedded system technologies plz hlp me

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