The person whom i am going to write about is the Guy named Sanjay. One day, while i was working at the company, i was talking with him on reading my blog, during which he said… “Why are you so self obsessive?” He himself doesn’t know that today, the motive for the post is he. He left us few days ago, while i came to know the same through a social media on the dawn of the 1st day of the new year. The first lesson for me, in the year.

Some words which he said while we planned for our future, is still in my remembrance, and it thought me the very first lesson of the year 2019. During some chats on whatsapp, i can remember that both were equally kind and positive to each other, while i always tried him into a direction in which he was not interested, while he tried (just like a couple or few) to help me with which i had no plans for. May be, one day, when i was personally talking to him about a government job for him, and fun talks about retirement plans for post 50s age, he said like… “Hey! 50 years? Do you think that I live so long? Just 30 or 40 would do”. I still remember this words that he said probably about 2 or 3 years ago. Make a point of this.

I always have this previlege to talk somethings which many don’t talk at all. You can see good friends going together for a party or pub. But, they wouldn’t be having talks which i have with them, and there. So do some also say. Let me tell you something else now.

31st December, Me, a close friend and few little new friends were sitting somewhere and having talks about the mobile networks, and their validity. There’s a complete goof up in the mobile operators, each competing with other, and the service agreements getting changed every now and then. One say that, if you don’t recharge with a plan every 3 months, the mobile number gets deactivated. For which, being unsure about the latest changes, i question…To which he says…”2038? Well, do you think these operators will survive till then!?”… I laugh, and say “Well, would we ourselves be alive?” like what a common friend of my close friend said about few months back, while i was asking about new Tata Docomo SIM, then. This was similar to what my friend, Sanju Baba said.

This guy “Sanjay” he had the peculiarity of getting caught in the crowd. He had a very different hairstyle, which was completely original though i and a friend for fun, doubted the originality with him. While a senior manager was give floor talks for hundreds, he used to get caught in between for interactions. So were people asking about him in the work location, and it doesn’t stop now too. People ask about min when i put a condolence message on facebook. Yes, i was actually very good in posting these kind of condolatory messages even in Dubai. Ask me to speak about them, and i will have a story to tell. Because that’s how much know when i meet them or at least learn them.

Just in the morning, i was talking to another good friend, who passed on a news link to me. I remembered him, mentioning that he deserved more for his capabilities. Well, wherever he was, he was good and was doing a great job is what i heard. Not just him, there were many other colleagues and friends, with whom there was the chats about him.

While i was chatting with another common friend today. I could remember more of him. Just like me, he also had friends who are totally unrelated to our work. This is something which i can slightly remember now, as i can remember his fluent Tamil with them. But, all i was hoping was that it’s a false. I pacified myself saying “She would had possibly confused by reading some of my posts on blog, or on Instagram.” No one can follow that kind of ideals which some follow. Go to Dubai, and ask my name in almost all departments, and there will be someone to say “He is my friend.” or thats a little big, “But they would surely know me, and the top guns would know me better, because they can’t forget.”

I stopped that friend to say things, which sounded very similar. It made me feel like whether i was in the queue as we had this thinking that was similar. And, i just said that hell of a sentence on the last day of previous year. And, then… I got a lesson the very first day of the year. Going back to that day, i don’t know why he was so strong when he was saying something like that, was there any spiritual powers in him which made him feel that. But, i can remember that his words were little strong when he questioned that “50 years”. Never ever have negative thoughts, you have complete control on your thoughts.

I know that it would be difficult to control the thoughts, just like i am trying to quit social media upon a friend’s suggestion, but i am not able to. I uninstall the app, and reinstall again. This has been going on for a while. And, as in the facebook post, i can remember that day, when I and Sanju Baba had a ride together and i dropped him near his place to move on. Though i mentioned that i will post the pic which we took that day, i couldn’t manage to do it. Not because i didn’t find in my collection, but i couldn’t see that happy day under that note. Thanks for a close friend who had it with him, even though this friend was in outstation. I was not strong to post his eye gestures at all.

After all these, being a follower and believer of Ramakrishna Mission, and being a fan of Swami Vivekananda, all i can say is that your thoughts are what brings you into the life you are presently in. Just the same which the modern western books have copied. And we pay high to read that’s from Indigenous India. Change your thoughts and you will change your future. Even imagining something negative would pull you down to that level. From today, just ask me to tell that sentence in my dreams… I will surely not. From which i will have a control on my thoughts, and also on the future of me and others. No one should influence you, though i got influenced in recent.

Though we can’t judge on God’s plans, I am sure that he knows that i am very much required in this world for many many years to come. And, some chats with friends who are spiritual will bring words that are worth a diamond from me. That’s why i say “I like it!” when i read their words that are gems. Some chats might not be long, but they give enough food for thoughts with which i could complete a post that was pending from past few days.

So, ending it saying…”Your thoughts will bring more than what you though”