Months ago. I sit there somewhere, talking to a new strange friend. He has learnt about me in a very few days, and i don’t know how. He must have seen me walk, my styles or the dressing sense (Laughing), or he knows that i stay in Bangalore. And, all that is enough for a village borne man to think high of me. I don’t know whether it’s true, but he’s gained a better sense of me which some of the many haven’t.

He one day says: “You have all this Background! And, you aren’t what you need to be.” By then, he knows that my Dad is an Engineer, and also little of my skills and talents. Some of which i never say to any, even family. It raises a smile of myself, and i say a phrase, which i want to recall today.

When i write a lot, the nobility of my words decrease in the interval. I have now realized that i need to write less in my blogs. Same like, people should speak less and do more. It’s 24 May today, a day after the fall of the curtain for the Indian General Election and also the day i registered my first email id more than half of my age ago.

Let’s look at Rahul Gandhi. He is a son of a Prime Minister, Grand Son of a Prime Minister, and also a Great-Grand Son of a Prime Minister. He has not just lost his chance of becoming one now, but also unfairly or ingloriously lost his seat of his order in Amethi. And, his political future now doesn’t seem to be in an equilibrium. Like what a TV fortune teller said: “He might make a call.”

Well, all these are in fate. You asking me “Why aren’t you an accomplished engineer?”, will be same as asking Rahul Gandhi “Why aren’t you the Prime Minister?” And, it’s true that only hierarchies don’t make Kings in democracy. Though the substantive qualities that one owns is not seen by the public. Same like the qualities i or you have in us.

World is unjust most times. Like what i was saying to a friend on a ride yesterday, I go to a new level in everything i want in my life. And, it’s sometimes 3 or 4 shots to which no one does. And, i know i will be an accomplished one day. Not by the words in the name of my Professional Position, but in the role i do as an Engineer.

But the question is: I’m ready to take another chance. But, what about Rahul in this Age and at his Age?