I’m having a book of a well known fortune teller in my hand, listening to the songs from “Amruthavarshini” on my Boombox, and start laughing at when i see the word “Promotion” there in the book. And, there is a reason for it. Let me put it across chronologically.

I don’t know when the television channels or newspaper stop interpreting people’s future daily, weekly or monthly. But, surely a lot of it doesn’t happen, yet people continue to have a look on them every time they want to see it. It’s actually fun when we hear stories from friends, though i have heard fair bit of truth that has happened to the words of these fortune tellers. But, take this, some friends don’t reveal their favorite fortune tellers or astrologers or tarot readers at all, they always keep it one another secret.

I and a colleague were so much obsessed with Promotions and couldn’t wait for getting it. Having done some exceptionally except job in the company, which even the manager would only personally accept it as something amazing and peculiar. Well, one idea did change the trade, which everyone in the world would accept, Only if you take my email copies as evidence. So, I expected promotions. And, i was completely aware that i would cross the tests having created some fuss last time.

One day, while i was talking to that colleague, i told him that i will get promoted this time because “Online Tarot Reading” says that. Yes, there was a day of me accepting the online computerised oracles as truth. So did we test our luck again, and i got a similar reading. This made me feel that possible is going to happen. Well, there was unseen hands that stopped me from an opportunity which not just changed both our fortunes, but also the fortunes of the company if you rely on me completely.

Just a day before the promotion tests, i was told that i was not eligible for promotions because of my KPAs in the last 3 months. It was a reason which i had to happy, while i was actually unreasonably unhappy for it. So, when the tests happened, my row in the paper had no signature mark, or you can call a autograph next to my name there. And, few asked me why i didn’t attend! Well, there was a pretty well and ‘pretty’ reason for it.

The colleague with whom i read the online tarot that day, too, flunk in the process that was setup. Hope, you understand what i mean by the word ‘set up’. And, that had a new discovery for us. We, at least ‘me’, discovered that we can’t rely on software for the prediction of our future. And, one among the candidates proved that we can’t rely on the promotion process, as he got promoted after a complaint on it to the HR.

After all, i feel that half of the predictions to the minimum, made by professional fortune tellers won’t even come near to the neat reality. That’s when i deleted the phone numbers of some. That was also day, i stopped checking these online oracles and computerized tarots. Not getting promoted, i got one reason for quitting the company, which some fortune tellers say was a wrong decision. Well, i pacify myself saying to myself “Even tarot readings fail…”