What do you want me to say on the modernity? Every human felt that they are of modern times in their age. I say this based on my experiences with people.

I put my hands into a book shelf in a library and find a find a book on Women that which i went through several months ago. With it was another Book named “The traditions of Modernity”. So, today, i keep that as the title of my post. What i write today is about the Women of the present day.

There was this south indian english stand-up comedy scene, where a the comedian says: “On seeing him on birth, his parent reacted as if he was a girl child.” Days ago this, I was on a talk with one friend on a festival day, talking how the festivities are carried by household women, and how the men are free from such toils.

Yes, women work a lot, and they are the ones who carry our traditions from generations to generations. They are the reason for many of the festivals still being celebrated in India. That is what men can’t fight for, and in which the feminists have nothing to win against the men.
Cutting the scenes, i was walking through, and i saw a girl sitting in folded legs, and smoking Cigarette in the dark Night. I see a lot of women drink these days, at least their social media posts show them doing so. If i stand for five minutes and spy at the talks of a woman with her boyfriend, i feel that the scenario is much worse.

If i look the present generation of kids, who be the men and women of the future, i understand they have totally got derouted from their paths. The advent of the internet and the social media has affected these kids a lot, and the values that needed to be absorbed in the root level has been uprooted by the sense of westernization, rather than globalization.

The Indian Values have no other cultural substitute. Though, we may call many as evolutionist of a sense. Giving away the preset rules our forefathers have made in the name of futurism or feminism is a wrong approach the current women are doing.

What seemed to be shame for the days of 90s, has become a luxury to flaunt in today’s era. And, is this the ‘Tradition of Mordernity’ we are to transfer to the coming generations?