I walked into a ‘Kaka Angadi’, i mean a Tea Shop. Just when i move i gaze towards few kids who were standing out with a Jug of water, drinking the water in it by turns. The Eldested girl, who is probably not more than 10 is sharing it all her siblings and also to a baby one after the other, so that the youngest one doesn’t misses.

I am enthusiastic to see this, and i capture few moments of it. When the end of the jug touches the wet toungue of these kids, they feel the fullest. I then put my hand into a jar, and take away few packs of Polo Mints. Polo mints are how they are branded, they are actually ‘Shunti Peppermints’.

I give it to kids, and hand it to the one who shows his hands asking it for him. While i also give it to the eldest one, and tell to share among themselves. While also i suggest her to break it into half while she gives to the baby. And, so she does in front of me and picks up the baby into her arms.

It seems to me the other kids, not knowing how to unwrap the packet, were waiting to hand it to their eldest one. And, then they make a move. I talk about them to the tea shop keeper. I get to know that they didn’t afford any candy or else, but had just come for water to which the tea shopkeeper had opstructed the first time, while after seeing a girl child, he hands over the jug.

It somewhat brings me a softcorner towards the people of Hyderabad Karnataka, to whom i actually have a grudge in my life. I have my bit of crunch, move out after paying for it’s costs. On the way back to my home, i see those kids sitting together and playing under the hot sun.

I divert my path with a walk towards them, and see a Kid giving out a peppermint to a baby, while no one elder is around. I could feel that happiness she had in herself while she shared, and could also recognize that no one said ‘Thank You’ to anyone. Neither did she for me.

Not that i am saying that it is worth one. But, we have brought in that culture, where we have inculcated to express the grattitude with words. We don’t know that what we eat and what we drink are none of our own, it’s everyone’s. But, man has become selfish by day and day, unlike the little kids there. Two lesson to learn, one is selfless and another is a question of our changed culture – ‘The Thank You Culture’.