In my old website pages, you see one quote from Swami Vivekananda:

“Take Risks, If you win you can Lead.

If you lose, you can guide.”

Not everyone takes risks, most of us are too careful take one. If you ask me, i have had taken such risks through out. And, some of which not everyone would take. I and a friend go to a mall today, and there is no space for the Helmet inside the scooter. So, i hang it to the mirror, while a friend says that it’s not safe there. While we move in, i talk about risk.

We go past for some shopping, and in the middle we have various conversations, some dealing with equations of circle, the inter-continental breeze and also electronics circuits. I point out that the circuits in the GATE exam which have no relevance to the real. And, so in between he reminds me of the helmet, while i remind him about ‘The Risk’.

We sit in the coffee bar, and i talk about how my works are well known. I talk about the news lines it made. I sit, and also talk about how i used to fool my college computer, and how i used to download stuffs in those days. He learns about my qualities and asks whether i didn’t try any IIT-JEE those days.

In the mean time he asks about the helmet, which i have just hung carelessly on the scooter. While i talk about the risk factor having a brand new helmet like that. I say to him: “Well, who would be so keen to flick a helmet on the busy Sunday?”.

After a while, we make a move towards the parking lot, and i have no enough money left to pay the bill if caught by the traffic police. Yet, i feel insecure and feel that the helmet has been stolen while i eye towards the scooter. And, then i find it there from a distant place, and feel little content on it.

What i want to say about here is ‘The Risk” i have taken. Keeping a brand new Helmet so that i feel easy when i move around in the mall was a decision i took. And, many do take it. But, what i want to say is it was a risk worth taking. We humans most times are calculative, and thus we go behind money. And, that keeps us away from taking risks and living a life that is less obstructive. And, i want to say that the world is full of people who take risks, be it in a shop, or those who trade in share market.

Learn from it, take risksĀ  and hopefully one day it bears a fruit.