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The future of India is in the hands of…

10 Years ago, you ask the same question. And, you would get the answer as “Engineers” or “The Middle Class”. But, it’s totally changed according to my observation. I had a small walk around my place, with mobile in hands and listening to the Music. After I had a brief talk with a Lassi Shop GUY, and moved on for a walk towards the Ground.

The ground for which we have already fought, and me a part of Activists who’ve been there and a Whatsapp Group. Just when I come back, and start writing this, I also want to send a message to the group on “Not allowing any temporary or Permanent” construction activity in the ground place. I have always done my bit wherever possible, even on social media where I am little concerned nowadays.

I sit, down on a chair there, while I see Kids sitting on a inclined chair… Just like the leaning tower of Pisa. I take a snap, while moving on to my chair. while I watch these Kids play cricket for sometime, I see a guy. A small guy of some 10 years, probably. Hitting the makeshift wicket, which is a small rock that’s in the bowlers side. He does is twice accurately, and I see him do it with 100 percent record. Little astonished.

As I see into my mobile, and have a look above, I see this guy is now a batsmen who hit a sixer in the very first ball I see. His skills make feel that he is like a Kaif. Well, there was this fight, like that used to happen during my days… Whether it’s six or Four.

And, I take a stroll over the ground. Each and every group that was playing here. I could sense things. I at once asked about the youths, about the Hotel guys who were regular Sundaiers here. What I could realise was that these Kids and youths came from little distant places, compared to the ones around. The ground is surrounded by reasonably Middle Class sector, and I couldn’t see any such local guys here in around the afternoon. And, I doubt the kids from little higher wealth, whose parents can afford a smartphone would come here to play, at least at this time.

What’s this? Aren’t we just killing the kids giving them Smartphones and new stuffs? You see, my parent always pressed me to go and play under the sun, and in fact, made me join a group personally there when I was a Kid. I could still remember playing most times by just standing under the sun, and fielding for a ball which rarely come towards my side. And, I have best days while I bowled, and played as a batsmen.

All the guys whom I saw today, could network within themselves here, they could come and stand under the sun and grow the leader within themselves. And, most of these come from a place who can’t easily afford a smartphones in their hand. These kids, will understand, and have better experiences of life than most other kids of these days won’t have.

And, take this from my words: “The future of India is in their Hands.” They are the ones who will do things next, and I am also seeing a bit in my own eyes. So, if you want your Kids do be the future of the country, then you don’t need to be born poor. But, live a life like a poor, don’t just give the kids gadgets like Smartphones, which make them unsmart, and also kills a lot of creativity and time.

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  1. Nicely written , good point to be worked upon!

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