Sitting down here on the Grass, and with the morning sun just behind, I take a selfie and it seems like the sparkling light behind glows like I got a good enlightenment. I have been having this thought from past two days, and early this morning, I wake up from Bed about writing on this topic.

Name me one self help bestselling author, who hasn’t had any link with the India. Be it the ones born in 1800s or the New ones like Robin Sharma. Be it a English, American or any other westerner. All, at once in their life would had a touch with the India or the Indianess at least once in their times. Some traveled to the holy land during their times of knowledge hunt. And, then they write about the great concepts, which often seems to be plagaired from Indian spirituality! No offence on being straight.

Yes, people often say: “That which you read in most of the Western Self-help books will have something that is from Deep Inside of Indian spirituality.” I was reading some notes in a book from an Irish author, and at one point he says how to get rid of problems. Most of the points seems to be at the best, but I doubt on one.

In one page of the Book, he writes based on the perception from the social culture of his country during his times, probably around 50-60 years ago. He points out the readers not to talk their problems with their neighbour or friends alike. He tells the readers to keep it within themselves and in that time, get involved into the quest towards the solution by yourself.

Wow! It seems to be marvelous! Don’t we keep many of our problems to ourselves? Aren’t we just not saying them to our closeones? How many of us even know the neighbours we have next to our Apartment? Have we ever stood there on Road and spoken to a old less known friend for more than 4 lines? You probably keep them just on your social network to like each other posts, but not to talk with them.

You see, this was that western country 50 to 60 years ago. And, now, we are in that stage that we Indians are doing the same. We are keeping mum. And, India was like this a few years ago. I could see neighbours of my place, around, sitting down outside their house gates, and talking a lot. Rarely see such things nowadays, even the same friends. But yes, I see one where a family friend who is little acquaint to me sits down in the varanda with her friends and have this kind of chat.

I speak to a Dad’s friend, and talk about him, and he calls me to his home for a talk. Where are we heading to? Even for me to meet my best friend, I need to make a call in prior and seemingly make an appointment. And, they are the ones with whom I share a lot with. And, some self help books say to stop doing things of such kind.

We are going backwards. India and the culture was well, good and forward. And, the new advents that we are into in the present generations are actually taking us lower than the before. Stop talking much on phone, go, meet some people in person. The best ones whom you feel are right, talk to your old friends. Meet them in person, and talk to them. You will feel relieved, and more than that it’s from such meetups you get wonderful life changing ideas.

Let me tell you that it’s not a shame. Following our forefathers should be an aim. They took us forward, and let’s look back at them, and move forward.