I stand at the kitchen door, and ask my mom…

“So many teachers came and went. But, no one taught me a perfect Kannada.”

Mom replies, “How will they? They themselves don’t know.”

I was trying to write sentences in Kannada, and after 2 or 3 drafts, i send it across to my friendlist. While, i still find mistakes in it. That’s when i question this to my mom.

This is true. Having studied in Schools, where each of the students were different. I know it would be an Hercules task for the teacher to teach them properly. So would we not learn most of the Topics in the curriculum with right understanding, rather by rote.

I remember one day, being a very average, or even among the bottom set of those, i was able to find out the mistakes of a kannada teacher in her grammar or spellings, She was a new one, where students used to get her held for the mistakes on the black board, while one day was mine too. School from Tamils having Tamil Teacher for teaching Kannada should not be questioned. Though i can’t question the patriotism is of no doubt.

Well, whom can i blame now? Every convent kannadiga in Bangalore will have a problem with writing or reading Kannada Script. I do need to consider that many won’t have it in their course. While most others from the countryside have problem with English. I can say that Bangaloreans have simply a better touch with The Simple English.

Go and ask an Average Old Schooler from Bangalore, especially those who would had landed in an IT Job. They would had forgotten to write sentences in Kannada, as they would had forgotten to grip a Ink Pen these days too.

And, i am sure that in the future. There will be lot of kids will have a tough days, as the schools don’t rely on a Perfect Teacher for a diminishing language.