Smokes, Cigar, Hot drinks, Hooka… What else? Try everything of these. But, never get addicted to any of this. I was walking with a friend someone near the center of the Bangalore. And, we started speaking about a friend who got addicted to some of these. As, I have described in a few last posts about a Domestic servant ‘Maari’. Here, I want to say how our own people, who are of our likes get into these kind of things.

A song playing on my Wynk now, I will talk about it… But, let me tell a story now. I was standing outside a Kaka Angadi, or what they neatly call a tea shop buying some addicted Bakery items for myself. I stand there for sometime, take wafers. And, have already completed paying the amount twice, once by cash, next through Paytm.

While I was doing this, a girl, in twenties come near to the shop. She stops her vehicle nearby, and come there for a smoke. She buys a ‘King’ or a ‘Small’? Or something else which I didn’t hear upon. Me and another customer watch her. While the one who was smoking himself, is watching her with Utter surprise and interest. I feel for it.

I take few namkins and chips, pay again and make a way towards the place I came from. While I move I could her see standing next to her friends, nicely. Taking puff and releasing it so easily.

I start listening to the song from a good actor Rajesh, whom I adored him for acting even during childhood. Only came to Know that he was a localite later, and morely Dad and He had shared a ride onetime in his car, after their friend’s son’s marriage.

The song is from “Kappu Billapu”. The song is of 1970s, which completely gives me a question to ponder about. In it, they call India as “Hindu Desh”, Hindu here is not religion but The country. While in the song they denote the land with the great souls of the country like Shankaracharya and Vivekananda, and call the youths to follow them from back. Yes, ours is the land of Ganga and Yamuna, and we fall for a much cheaper Scotch Whiskey.

If the song of that time tells so much about the modernization, and calls a warning. Then just imagining in the current time. With all social media, and the world that is closer for westernization than ever before. Sometimes, we go to a Resto Bar or Pub and add it to our statuses.

After a time, i walk towards my home, taking a route to stop by in another Bakery to have a Puff. While I pass on by that Actor’s home, listening to the song and also looking to see him or his Son-in-law Actor Arjun, both have slightest chances. I also glance at the homes of other friends of family. Moving and Thinking.

Early morning, today, I saw a Social Media Meme of a Women smoking(she feels it doesn’t affect her child). Down there, her new born Child years later, make awkward reasonings. This, and few talks I have with my friends make me stop to post it on my blog.

I am addicted to Puffs, and some are addicted to Puff, and many others to equally worser things. But, coming out of this Addictions, or keeping it in limits, or rather elimating it is important.