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Lessons: Company Ethics & Loyalty – People from HMT

Too much involved into Ethics? You don’t find people who are ethical nowadays, not even from the companies which have big Service Companies. That’s what i have seen, and that’s what i have heard. Just when all this turmoil was happening, i had an opportunity to talk to a Auto Driver who worked as a “MECHANIC” in HMT or the Hindustan Machine Tools.…

Photo Blog: ‘Moksha’ and Vaikunta Ekadashi

This quote from “Bhaktha Kanakadasa” has lot to do with me. Dad gave me the explanation for this well in a age I was not able to understand it just like that.


If you spoil someone’s name, they will spoil yours!

This happened in one of my workplaces. That day, i was working in a Daytime. I was in conversation with a colleague, on how to complete the task and the method of doing it. While we had these talks, we had to also do some paper work with different teams of my workplace before we get started with the work we do.…

Hopes vs No Hopes – ‘A Test of Hope’

Yesterday, i was discussing with some colleagues about our career and how my co-curriculum interests has helped in getting my present job, and inturn helped me in doing things well. But, as you can call me, i’m a motivator. I like to be one, and usually give my titbits to people around me. Here are the excerpts for the conversation. We all got through the company through the same pool selection.…

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