You know your Dharma will always take to bigger level. A great Personality could remember what the work I did about 4 years ago, while I have not seen in person. Someone could remember meeting me exactly 5 years ago, while I had forgotten the year. Today, while I was on a call with a Volunteer Teacher, who rarely knows me. And, she could remember something that happened 14 years ago, while she had forgotten my name. And, that makes me write this blog post.

Few days ago, I was in conversation with two people, obviously not met. I was trying to do something Good to them. I always have this goal of self virtues which make me do such things. And, I was talking about ‘Dharma’ with him, and why I did such things. And, while I did hear good wishes, in a matter of few minutes I could sense something else.

The same day, while I was talking to someone else, who had morally been there with me. He had not seen me in person, while I know that he is a accomplished soul, and is a bigger name in the society. It seemed for me like he was in the pain of life, and I was on conversation with him. I tried to pacify him, with something from ‘Bhagavad GIta’, which probably he would have in fingertips. At the end I used the word Karma.

In a span of 1 hour, I spoke about both “Karma” and “Dharma”, unknowingly, and with no such pre planning. But though I feel little astonished that how did I speak about the two big words of the Indian Philosophy? My Dad would give me lessons on such words, and I remember him giving explanations about the two words during his spiritual course for me.

Many Indians would not know this, and everybody wants to have pleasures of life. And, everybody forgets the word ‘Dharma’ while doing it, not just the word but also the Philosophy. Each and every human being in the world is bound to it, and it is almost unknown to them. While, I feel little astonished to talk about “Karma” and “Dharma” in a matter of an hour, I should also realizie that we all are part of it every second out life. Even now.

If you leave your “Dharma”, you will have to live with your own due “Karma”.