Believe me, i wrote some words few years ago, which is on my archieved blog now. Today, i felt like choosing some of the excerpts from it and writing down something new here. I would totally agree with myself that my writings have become more tastier than before. If i read what i wrote in 2015, it seems more like a diary than a blog post. And, i know that you won’t read much of it if you do try to.

The title read: “My name is Kiran, and I’m not a terrorist!” Some people laughed at me those times, for the title. And, a few criticized too for the type of write-ups. Well, i never change, at least when people say. I have today choosen the same article to be here on my website.

The Prime Minister of the country was in the town! Who doesn’t want to meet him? Even any celebrity would be in that queue. No doubt it’s the biggest name of the country. Everyone would not read the book “Waiting for the Mahatma.” But, every one would want to meet One. And, an inborn activist, as i call myself there in that post, i had my points for the Prime Minister, not knowing that i would not meet him. The points ranging from Agriculture to the Silicon Valley.

I was watching him on television to know his exact location, so that i can ride my scooter a few kilometers to a place where he would be next. I don’t know how i landed into the same route in which he would travel, because it seemed like there was not even an ant there. Just in few minutes, i could see policemen everywhere, and don’t ask my plight to find a  suitable place to park my vehicle.

I hear the exact time of the Mahatma’s incoming from a police, and i wait in the cool and quite breeze of Gandhi Krishi Vidya Kendra, that’s in the mid noon. I was that time reading the book “Himalayan Blunder”! The same time was i pushed backwards for the security of both me and the Prime Minister. Just in a while, in midst of sirens and patrolling came the man in his Black Car, with Indian Flag flying in the Middle at his front.

I couldn’t make a small notice of him, neither did any who were there there, like me. And, i was not alone then, nether am i alone now. Not going into the conversations that i had there with people on that day, i still understand that it’s not easy to meet the Prime Minister of the Country, just like in the movie “My Name is Khan”. Well, why the PM, even the MP.

What i do remember now is being an Electronics Engineer, i was doing an IT business then which i still do. Don’t laugh at me if i say mine’s is a business that doesn’t make business. Though my engineering mind thinks more in terms of Silicon and Chips, i don’t know why i was just doing something in complete software. There has to be a reason. And, i will find it, soon or late. Only after i find a right business partner, if not the investment.