Walking up in the street, I stop near a street vendor for a tender coconut. While a guy turns towards me. I could recognize him, his face. But, I judged it for a second as another, and get it. It was ‘Maari’. The guy who used to do some domestic gardening works for us.

I greet him with name, after a while I remember him for a wrong thing which he did last time. He actually stole some stuffs, and ran away. He couldn’t come back at all after that. While, we had another alternate person to look after such work. I can remember talking about this to a friend then, but he’s no use. He also says he has some disease now, after falling off from a tree.

He was a great risk taker, could climb a coconut tree like a monkey in no time, used to work hard enough. Last time, when he probably came after years… I remember him saying that he got second marriage. Then, I could get hold of his details. Though I had a photo of this guy with me, taken years ago for the kind of worker he was. But, the same day he did something wrong, and fled away not to come again.

He now asked for some 10 rupees. I denied with harsh words, and told him not to ask again little rude but not with compromising the respect I have on him. And, In a minute or so, he went into a Bar, or a hot drink shop to have his drink for the hour. He probably had fell from the tree after this drunk sometime.

I felt pity. I told the coconut vendor to keep an eye of him. But, still said good words about him. He is a good worker. Being given himself to the bad habits, he has spoilt himself. Probably, the word ‘Maari’ which was apt for his Tamil name, also seems to be apt with Bangalore Kannada Slang ‘Maari’… which means ‘Sold’. He now is like a man who sold himself for such bad habits.

If he showed his loyalty for the work, he would had probably got a right person to employ him. If not anyone, I. But, ‘Maari’ sold himself in a wrong way.