I was going through my write ups, and felt like writing this one, right now. Well, in the first installment of the Life Needs Rejection, you would cry at it, only if you read. But, in this installment, you would laugh and laugh.

What have i not rejected in my life? It’s very small list to say. But, if you ask what i have rejected. Then, i would have a long list of nouns from my managers and dates, till the NRI status. Why did i do so? It’s because of one word, which you will know at the end.

There would be days, as a kid you would complain about your teacher to your parents. Those were the days, you or me or anybody would had thought to reject the teacher or even the school. But, kids are seldom powerful. They are like the puppets in the hands of the parents and have no decision making powers. And, life just moves on, just like it happens otherwise.

From rejecting your favorite optional in the college, to rejecting the college itself. People like me would had always thought of it. Not getting the subject/major of preference is one reason, and friends pressing on the right difficulty level is another reason. From rejecting the wrong explanations from the teacher till rejecting the college itself. I’ve done it all.

Coming to the work. Just like everyone says, this is the phase of life which we must be as serious as any other phase. Your Boss rejecting your work is just a common linet, you rejecting the workload is a revenge for it. Rejecting the company after your resignation gets rejected, I mean getting absconded will always be a fun which you need to try at the least at once.

You need to do some of these too. Getting rejected in a promotion, till you rejecting the top company without a notion. It doesn’t happen from everyone, but from a man of steel. Rejecting your managers or supervisors till rejecting the CEO of the company himself is not a fun which everyone would try. It shows that only a few can create storms, while being gossiped as an Hero.

Life through out will have many rejections, from both the sides in the story. And, everybody is a Leader in it. But, why? Is this art of leaving good? Does it take anywhere? I would say everyone’s life needs such adventures, and everyone needs to reject a few things in their life to grow ahead. No matter what or where. Whether you don’t take it or not, but only with some rejections, you grow in life. While, some bring great wisdom.

Why do we need Rejections? Because this is Life. And, Life needs rejections.