Playing the song from Singapoorinalli Raja Kulla film here… Well, they say “Life is a song, sing it i say..!”. Every line in the song has a meaning for us. You see the lines from Chi. Udayshankar are always very meaningful. Even RN Jayagopal for that matter. Well, this song has a meaning which we don’t understand or follow because we get immersed into the voice of KJ Yesudas and SP Balasubrahmanyam. Slowly, and slowly, you get it.

Now, while it now plays, they sing as, “Life is a Duty, perform it i say…!”. While whats our duty in life? I was talking to a friend, yesterday, understanding the difficulties in their villages. I told him, why can’t they move out towards a much greener place like much near Belgavi? But, they can’t because they need to perform their Duty. The duty they are born for.

Now in the song, they say, “Life is a Game, Play it, i say…!”. You see? The boards on road shows us a lot. They don’t just
give about the rules that we need to follow on the road, but also lessons for life.
Here, you see below, me standing below a board.

Playing in life is very important. When you need to play for a Game, which is been challenged, don’t back off. Because, there’s a great fun in playing the game, and especially when you know the rules, and have the caliber to win it, because of your team. Make sure that you play it in a class way utilizing every time you have. Once a wicket falls down at your side, make sure that the next person there will be a better guy to stand. And, a fall of wicket, doesn’t end the match at all.

‘Game or Life’ is a Game, and don’t quit without playing it. Make sure, that the opposite team will have a tough fight. And, win or lose doesn’t matter, but at the end the one who bows down is all it takes. And, we are in the world, where even in the middle a team gets disqualified for not following the laws of game. And, also there are chances of a match being awarded to a losing team, rather than the winning team. Yes, we are in that world.

But, the Game should be played in such a way that after a decade or so, that every players in either team should remember the way it was played.