July 8th, that was the formal joining Date. Some of from India, moved to Dubai. And, it’s been exactly 6 months, for me, to wish my colleagues of Dubai, i heartily congratulated them for the committment they have showed, and the service they have given to the organization. While, for me, i am sitting in Bangalore and doing things which are better for me. We leave to live, and we leave to live. Both sides. Whether you go from native to a city to work, or from that city to your native.

It was a bad day for me, Dec 3. That day, i was traveling from Dubai to Sharjah to have a look around that place, and pass some good time for self. I got the RTA Taxi (probably), and the driver rode towards Sharjah. While, the meter in the Taxi was rolling over like that of Auto Rickshaws of Bangalore. It seemed for me like, the Rickshaws were much better because they rolled over in Indian rupees. While there it was in the costly Dirhams, but seeming cheap in numbers which makes me spend easily. This Driver was taking me in routes, which he himself didn’t know. He completely depended on the GPS Maps. And, for me, i had to make use of the money i would be paying. So, i started having chats.

Just like any Cab driver in India with whom i usually talk, i started asking the lifestyle and other stuffs. I have met some good Pakistanis Drivers, and the last two whom i can’t forget in that span of two days. I come to know that this driver was from Indian State of Punjab! Nice for me. I respect Sikh people for their great lives. Most of them who work for the military have great lives, which i have read in books. Some legendary winners of Param Vir Chakra. Though i didn’t talk anything as such about these things. I was into the normal Indian things in the Gulf.

When i asked his name, i was aware that he was a Sikh. I came to know that he was qualified to do other things by education. While i learn that he has the plan to settle in a different country, for which he needs to time and experience. I like his openness, and i really wish i could somehow help such people though i can’t help myself in the situation i was in that day. Just like a Kannada Patriotic Video which i saw few days ago, this guy was not wearing a Turban as it was against the rules. He was leaving his culture, which makes me confused. Though seemingly unaware, we Indians are doing everyday ourselves, falling for westernization. But, a Sikh doing this was the first time i saw. While we approached the destination, in Sharjah, i wish him good luck remembering his Guru ‘Guru Nanak’ was blessings. And, the car stops near.

I pay the bill, some 50+ Dirhams while i say to keep the change. In the mean time, he shares his Facebook name, so that we can connect in later times. I get down, and look towards the big mall that’s opposite. And, this driver waits for a few seconds, looks towards me, with a Thumbs up Gesture, and moves on. While i ponder myself, how much do people leave themselves, how much do people sacrifice their true self for a living. And, this was the best example for me to learn the difficulties of their lives, and how much they need to give up to survive in this world. Often, they are unable to take decisions like me. And, then when i see colleagues around me in silence even under injustice towards the company ethics (which themselves don’t follow), government, and to ourselves… I realized that day to give complete respect for not standing up for reasons, because they are ‘Leaving (themselves) for a Living.’

And, that night, i had to leave Dubai on some emergency call. A bad news awaited, while i realized that i was also ‘Leaving for a Living’, but living for myself.

With all the politics around, it was indeed a better decision, though i never stopped to fight ever since.