This happened in one of my workplaces. That day, i was working in a Daytime. I was in conversation with a colleague, on how to complete the task and the method of doing it. While we had these talks, we had to also do some paper work with different teams of my workplace before we get started with the work we do.

I started doing the Paper Work, and was entering the details. The colleague next to me guided how i need to do it, as he was more experienced in it. At the end, i had to write down a senior’s name next to which he had to sign. His name was “Bharat”, and we in the Southern part of India always use “H” when we complete such names.

So, I wrote down his name as “Bharath”, and handed over the papers to him. While he was checking, he pointed out that the extra “H”, was not required as his name didn’t have it for him. Especially, in Maharashtra, they wont use it at all. Just like Pandith and Pandit, Kulakarni and Kulkarni, and so on.

I was able to apprehend the same, and i told him: “Fine, Bharat. We actually use it here. I will take care next time.” It was a nice day at work, and accomplished what we had to that day. And, i was back to my floor. While i was pondering about it, there was “Bharat” who was probably pondering about my name.

After few days, I had to do the same paper work again. I had gone to his office room, and i started doing the same with same colleague. This time, i made sure that i will not include “H” in that “Bharath”, so it was “Bharat” what i had written on the papers. While we spoke to each other, he continued his part of the paper work, and i saw that my name was spelt “Vithal”. “What?” I felt. “Bhai, my name doesn’t have ‘H’ here. It should be spelt Vittal, and not Vithal.” I said.

He saw it, i was just thinking the same for a while. He asked, “Vittal, where are you from?” I said, “I’m from Bangalore, Bharat. Why?”.

He replied: “Nah, There are lot of Vittal’s in Maharashtra, so i asked. It is a common name here.”

I said: “Yes, i know.”, while i said this. I laughed at myself, thinking inside “There might be lot of Vittal’s. But, there will be none like me.”

Well, see these spelling mistake! I included an “H” in his name, and it was wrong for him. While he included “H” in my name the other day, and it was wrong for me. While he scratched it, and changed. I just left it aside, as a sign of affection from them. Yes, sometimes, people spell my name as “Vital”, and i am happy for that meaning. You see, if you spoil someone’s name, just on paper. He spoilt yours the other day. It was not intentional from his side, but the chances of things turning out like that is too much, as Karma will always come back and hit straight.

Whether you have a wrong intention, or not. Be careful at what you do, Because, even a spelling mistake teaches you life’s lessons, literally.