I wake up to this question this Sunday. Does Principles take you anywhere? Let me put my words in this line.

I somewhat see facebook friend suggestions of a lady, who was a girl in my Higher Primary School. And, there are many such who we come across in this list, whom we know and can’t forget yet don’t like to be friends also, i mean on facebook. Facebook keeps showing up such which you need to filter every now and then.

The story is that we were a group of some 10 friends, and the two leaders in it fought for some reason. They were the comedians of the group. And, finely they broke their friendship, and remaining eight made their way to one side, while i stayed neutral because their fight was none of my business.

I said that i would remain friends on both the sides, though i was pressed to retaliate such idea from the team united by the numbers. It might sound kiddish, but you must know that we were kids, at least in those days. What sounds more kiddish are in the lines which i tell you next.

I somehow happened to make into a Group Singing team of the class. Thanks for my voice which would make any professional singer shy. Consequently, we were to practice in sometime during the school hours. And, in few days, there was a plot. This girl, complained to the teacher with united voice of the united front. By united front, i mean the rebel group of friends.

Subsequently, with the veto of the teacher i was kicked out of the singing group, because the teacher didn’t have enough intelligence to understand what was truth, and what was false. And, we have such teachers everywhere such renowned institutions. And, same gibberish complaints happened quite sometimes, even in the next years.

At times, i have realized that being Principled is not right. But, for a man who grew with such standards, it is very difficult to give up the principles. What’s wrong is men and women who remain kids forever, not realizing the true essence of life. But, by hook or crook, some of these kids make it somewhere. While the one with the Principles, stay so with a doubt further on.