I was going back into the collections of quotes on images today, just after then loss of cent percent achievement by Chandrayaan 2. It was today that i also remembered Vikram Sarabhai, the man behind India’s Space Programme and his attitude towards failure.

It is not possible to win at all cause. There will be failure that happen, which pound some learning experience. Today is the day where a lot of people would be talking about the Moon Mission from India, just like a friend had with me on phone a while ago.

Everyone is a failure in this world. Like how Dravid speaks in one of his speeches. Yes, he indeed said Sachin Tendulkar also fall into that category. And, there were numbers and statistics that proved it to be true.

You would laugh at me if i say this. Take an example of a BRIGHT student, a guy who always have a plus A grades on his marks card. He seldom tries anything new. He keeps getting the same grades every year, end up winning prizes for it and eventually wins his teachers. So are most of the students in the class.

When you look at such students they never seem to have failed. That’s because they won’t fail Big! Yes, they wouldn’t have failed much in their academics, some also in their co-curriculum. I want to remember how a friend of mine did a True Collage in School, and had to plead again and again to win a prize. We won the last prize as a last team in competetion, but failed bigger than the other two because we were little less stereotypes.

In the college, i was the only person who made all electronics project all by myself, from rigging up the circuit to designing the circuit. But, people called it morely as the anti-success, rather than pointing out that i worked indegeniously like ISRO! I was not even entertained for a Space project because of my such attitude.

But, today when i look at the K. Sivan crying at the fails of Chandrayaan – 2, and Modi pacifying with his cuddle on the TV. It seems to me that all people who try something new, and something indegenous are bound to fail in their attempts. US had failed, Russia had, and even China had. And, that presents us a new philosophy. ISRO failed because it tried something that 90% of the world seldom tried a thing of that nature.

That lets us understand one thing, that failure is inevitable. Especially when you try something new, or something on own. We are in that world even the great Boxer Muhamad Ali was defeated in the bauts. We are in that world where the great mathematician Ramanujan had failed in his Exams, that too repeatedly. We are in that world where even Rajinikanth’s films have flopped. We need to accept failures, and be prepared for it. Sometimes, failure is inevitable when you do something, especially something new.