Everyone would had put superstitous challenges to themselves. Let me reach this line, before someone talks to me. I need to race this Car before it reaches to that line, and so on. You too would had done it, at least when as a kid.

I remember a facebook post, where a Husband and Wife were sleeping next to each other both parting the opposite sides. While the wife is thinking about him, then husband is planning a workout goal like i’ve put in the first paragraph. So, are men. Always putting challenges to themselves. It might sound kidish, but men are men.

I walk towards a restaurant. It is the one which i go always, but these days i just go for one reason. The reason is to check my accurate weight. The weighing machine is a coin machine, which requires a two rupees coin, while you can also use the old one rupee coin of the same size. You know what i do, at the most.

I walk towards the weighing machine today. Just when i go nearby i make a curse to myself. If my weight is less than *5, something good will happen. If more, i didn’t wish anything. But you know what harsh i mean. I go in there, and stand on the footrest, and find that my weight is exactly *5. I hate this.

I walk out thinking: “You don’t get answers.” But, happy to pacify myself that it’s not more than *5. I come out of the restaurant and walk towards my ground. I pass sometime and come back to home.

Just when i was bathing, i feel about it. I get a sudden answer like Archimedes. While i laugh at the answer..It was, If i stood naked on the weighing machine, my weight would had truly been less than *5. Just like how they used to reduce by half a kilo in Dubai. I laugh and laugh at myself thinking about the ideas i get.

But, i still can’t imagine that doing here. Well, this is India. How can I?