What is Cosmopolitan? Everybody dressing the same way, and drinking the same beer, watching the same movie, partying in the same pub, dancing for the same tune? Huh? I just went into the twitter page of a magazine. And, i couldn’t go in and read for more than 30 secs.

We have made a complete idiocy of the word ‘Cosmopolitan’, and every small kid feels like it is a word that is cool, and they look in that way the whole world. And, our beautiful city of Bangalore, or morely Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan hub because of the reason which most of you have not seen. And, you are reading the actuality now. The definition which my Dad gave like decade ago is still in me, while i might have forgotten everything that i read in the books later on.

Standing somewhere in Dubai, and waiting for a Bus… I saw a Traditional Lady from India. With a Big vermilion on her forehead, and Saree draped with highest modesty. Like a dialogue from a Kiccha Sudeep, probably from ‘Maharaja’? I literally felt like doing a “Namaskara” with complete respect towards our Indian Women. Well, she was one of the very few i have seen like that there.

Coming to the Bangalore Point. I was standing, waiting in a lonely place, suddenly realizing that there was someone who is approaching from whom i can request to take some snaps of mine. And, far away, it feels for me like a Lady coming in a Chudidhar. I felt the grief as i can’t ask that for a lady to take a photo of mine, though it was my camera. I walk this side, and that side. Turn back to see a complete change! That person was “He”, and it was not “She”. Looking from a far distance, i came to know how the perception changes as you see things are in near.

I was able to talk to him for a while. Understood that he came from “Uttar Pradesh”, while his son was working as a Carpenter here in a nearby locality. I just take my seat, forgetting to ask him to capture some photos of mine. He goes towards a temple, gates of which are locked. Stands there, leaving his slippers out. Joining the hands he prays. While he was doing this, i just take myself a leave from the place.

Just a couple of meters past, i could see something in him. I turn my vehicle and go back to him to lend a drop to the place of his. He sat down, with his back against the temple side, and he facing me. I offer him a ride, while he says “No, Thank You.” with he joining his hands again with a gesture of “Namaskara”. Five minutes ago, he joins his hands to God, and now he does the same for me. Imagine, how great person is within, not within me, but within him. Just because i went and offered him a ride, that doesn’t make me great. The use of that “Namaskara” in our city itself is what i need to emphasis the greatness is all about. I felt this while i made a move.

In another 10 minutes, in the other side of the road. Looking at a opposite shop that was advertising something. While i sat there, in some few more minutes. There approached a man, with a big Rajastani Turban wrapping his head. He just moves in, while, i go behind to take a snap. Now, this time. This man, is turning and turning for a pose. i somehow make him stand in the direction and take a snap from his back. He suggests to take a pic together, and i do it. Only then, i came to know that this uncle was from Rajasthan.

The other side, a guy appraoching me, while i was this side, this guy is going towards the road. I take the snaps of both. It’s so much true. This diversity is what we need to call “Cosmopolitan” actually is. The city of Bangalore is and will always love people who come from the other part of the country or the world. Again, i start passing some time of thinking, while i take photographs for a Instagram post.

For We Bangaloreans:

“Your Religion, your caste, your color, your race, your gender, your nationality, your region, your language, your culture, your education, your position, your age, your physic, your money, your weekness, and even your attitude.” doesn’t matter for a Bengalorean like me stop you from being a friend or one among us.

20 minutes past, and i see a lady passing by with a Black Burkha. Equally varied to the dress code of the other two. I sit there and continue my thoughts till she comes back after a while, and then i make a move to a next destination for next new thoughts.

Photos: Not Included