Make Mistakes. And then, do what it Takes.

Everything from the morning well and good. I was well within the timelines for the day to follow, and was early to go and meet someone, today. I got ready, and seeking new things for the day, and doing things i want to. You see, i want meet lawyers, i want to meet consultants, i want to meet a political leader whom i had spoken few years ago, personally on phone.…

Which Country Celebrates Every New Year First / Last

First Posted: 01/01/2012

Got this interesting question when i was waiting for New Year 2012( at abt 9PM 31 Dec 2011). I knew that few countries start the year early, and few other countries start the year late. I knew this right from my childhood.

Some years ago… We all, in India, were waiting for New Year to arrive, while for some of them the New Year had already started.…

Protected: Records, Milestones and Unbeaten Records

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Mathematician in Me – National Mathematics Day Special

Spending time at home after office hours, i was thinking for a topic on which i could write a blogpost today. After two or three topics i got one topic fixed. And it was about something magical! Not really! But it something of a magic sort of thing for many.

I was always amazed with magic. As a kid at school we used to do some tricks where we would make the numbers dissapear from the calculator, and other tricks where we used to write down a last number of a game, before we even started the game.…

Photo Blog: ‘Moksha’ and Vaikunta Ekadashi

This quote from “Bhaktha Kanakadasa” has lot to do with me. Dad gave me the explanation for this well in a age I was not able to understand it just like that.


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