Simplicity at it’s BEST

I sit down on a Flag post easing myself after speaking with friends on cellphone. I’m wearing an American Jacket and listening to Nagathihalli’s ‘America America’ song, and then wait for a friend to reach my spot. Around a hour ago, i learn that Chandan Shetty is about to release his latest “Shokilala” song.

Watching around, i feel a lot of fun, sensing abnormalities of the world like a writer does.…

The Risk

In my old website pages, you see one quote from Swami Vivekananda:

“Take Risks, If you win you can Lead.

If you lose, you can guide.”

Not everyone takes risks, most of us are too careful take one. If you ask me, i have had taken such risks through out. And, some of which not everyone would take. I and a friend go to a mall today, and there is no space for the Helmet inside the scooter.…

The Convent Kannadiga


I stand at the kitchen door, and ask my mom…

“So many teachers came and went. But, no one taught me a perfect Kannada.”

Mom replies, “How will they? They themselves don’t know.”

I was trying to write sentences in Kannada, and after 2 or 3 drafts, i send it across to my friendlist. While, i still find mistakes in it.…

Why aren’t you the Prime Minister?

Months ago. I sit there somewhere, talking to a new strange friend. He has learnt about me in a very few days, and i don’t know how. He must have seen me walk, my styles or the dressing sense (Laughing), or he knows that i stay in Bangalore. And, all that is enough for a village borne man to think high of me.…

Youth – This is for You 2!

Was watching some Meme about Kate and Leonardo Di Caprio on Facebook. In it, it appears like Kate is concentrating on something, while Lee is completely into something outside. I had this same feeling a while ago, while I was in the library. And, I think I have mastered a little bit of it.

Just yesterday, I was running away from a domestic Dog, strolling with his guard.…

Not-Coincidental: Talks about Karma and Dharma.

You know your Dharma will always take to bigger level. A great Personality could remember what the work I did about 4 years ago, while I have not seen in person. Someone could remember meeting me exactly 5 years ago, while I had forgotten the year. Today, while I was on a call with a Volunteer Teacher, who rarely knows me.…

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