You want to know more about me? Then the perfect guy to whom you need to meet is me myself. Because when you hear about me from others, it comes out from the perceptions of their eyes, which sometimes is Right, and sometimes Wrong.  I have done some things in life, which no one have done. Some things are like, i get access to the professors account, and even don’t try to change my grades. By my own experience and those of people around, i have learnt what others haven’t. And, a bit of it will be yours when you stay with me, and i don’t care what you are to be my friend. I believe that wherever i am, i have a purpose to be fulfilled, and i give 100% for that. And, some people just get astonished by my that nature. I blog, write, and would soon start writing my first novel pending from many days. I also like listening music, taste of which very few like. Books have made me a better person, but not the usual academic ones.

Well, you want to know more? Go, Research. It is a book by itself, but version you read depends on who wrote it.