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The name Vittal Kiran, has a lot of stories to talk about from the hardships of life till being called as a person who is to be looked upon.

I was always a guy who made name wherever i was, right from the school days where i was often an outstanding student. I grew up as kid who learnt through experiments, and was guided by my Dad, who is a perfect motivation for me as an engineer and also as a Human. Even to this day, i don’t stop my experiments. Some people around me know me well, and i’m that guy about whom is spoken even when i am not in physical presence.

Right now, I am a wannabe Motivational Speaker, and have already started doing as a Hobby. On the internet, i share my learnings on social media and on my blog. I’m involved in many things, be it related to engineering or politics, it has a place in me. You ask me to talk about a topic for 5 minutes, and i will connect with you even if you are a big film star.